"Previously Secret Information"

is a modern American storytelling show for grown ups. Somewhere between the most hilarious stand-up comedy and the most revealing solo performance is the art of telling a great story. Each performer draws you in with a simple vivid narrative without Hollywood's special effects. Honest, thoughtful and cathartically funny, these storytellers hold nothing back. With universal themes and a personal approach, each month's show presents the newest breed of comedic storytellers in

San Francisco at Stage Werx Theatre.

7PM $15 446 Valencia St.


Previously Secret Information

“Best New Storytelling Series - 2011” SF WEEKLY

“Comedy Competition”

This year I participated in the Seattle Comedy Competition. It is a three week endurance test of getting to gigs, being judged each night on your set and just trying to be funny while ignoring that critical inner voice as I battled against 40 other comics to come in second.

Sunday, Dec. 16

Joe Klocek

Michael Capozzola

“It Started with a Wrong Number”

Comedian & Cartoonist Michael Capozzola, a jew with an Italian last name, journeys to the Holy Land for the first time.

Sunday, Jan. 27

Previously Secret Information joins forces with SF Sketchfest to bring you the best in todays comedic storytelling! Stay tuned for details!